Dice Bottles - DnD 5e Healing Potion Kit

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Enter the game with Dice Bottle healing potions! Pop the top and down the correctly sized potion while wowing your friends!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

12-3-2018 Update - Full Speed Ahead
7 days ago – Mon, Dec 03, 2018 at 11:43:11 PM

Busy busy busy

I've made good use of the time I've had the last two weeks. I completed all the foam cutting and cut 3000 vials by hand on my band saw (even broke a blade, now using a spare). This last weekend I had many of my friends over helping me assemble all the parts together and finishing up some remaining tasks.

80+ hours of work in 2 days! Friends are awesome, everyone should have some!
80+ hours of work in 2 days! Friends are awesome, everyone should have some!

Things we have accomplished : 

  • Labeling all the Basic kit bottles (and extra vials for backers) (600 count)
  • Labeling all the Supreme Vials, and filling them with dice (600 count)
  • Labeling half of the Superior Vials (300 count)
  • Gluing foam and leather for 160 Pro Kits
  • Ordered more shipping supplies
  • Pre-funded shipping account for estimated shipping costs
  • Lasered the top of another 120 Basic Kits
  • Started lasering and cutting out Cork wood rolling surfaces

Things Left to do:

  • Labeling Greater Healing and Healing Vials
  • Filling all vials with dice
  • Gluing leather and foam into another 400 more Pro Kits
  • Lasering under lid and bottom of 120 Basic Kits
  • Cutting out 200 more Dice Towers
  • Gluing foam into Basic Kits
  • Organizing into package groups and getting ready to ship

11-14-2018 Update
26 days ago – Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 10:34:46 PM

Missed a week

Sorry about the missed update. The family got sick, included me, and I had to make up some time at my Job. I've still made progress despite that and will detail below.

Leather screen printed

Silk Screened Leather!
Silk Screened Leather!

These are ready to go in the boxes! I also picked up the remaining leather that was cut and gave it to the screen printers. I'm so happy with how it came out and I can't wait to put them into boxes.

Foam cutting started

I started cutting foam for the pro kits. I expect to be done with this and other tasks after Thanksgiving week.

 Boards Stained and sealed

Stained boards to be turned into dice towers
Stained boards to be turned into dice towers

These boards are all ready to go for being cut into dice towers. 

Thanksgiving week

I've taken all of Thanksgiving week off to focus on the tasks for Dice Bottles. This should mean a lot of progress for things that require laser time The extra time means I'll be able to blow through tasks like the foam, bottle cutting, and preparing for others to help me assemble the orders. I'll be setting up times for my friends to help me assemble and glue the kits.

Orders will be updated

Expect orders/surveys on Backerkit to be changed soon to represent the change from the lost box colors. I won't be able to manage the logistics of all these orders without applying the change in the system. 

Progress report - 10-24-2018 - Mixed news
about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 01:22:11 AM

Leather Cutting 

The leather cutters finished far sooner than expected. The good news is I got a little more than expected out of the leather I purchased. The bad news is that I hadn't looked at numbers for a while and there have been so many purchases since I bought the leather that I didn't have enough. Once I got a count, I immediately ordered some more leather and it looks like I'll have the leather next week. The rest are at the silk screener to get the artwork applied.

Some bad news 👿

Welcome to my personal hell. Yes, that's the leather artwork on the tops of the !@#$ boxes
Welcome to my personal hell. Yes, that's the leather artwork on the tops of the !@#$ boxes

 So... I was very specific to the silk screener about which art to use, but somewhere between him and his employee, the message didn't continue on. At this point, given the timelines and the amount of time it would take to make these color boxes again I have to give up on these color options. All these boxes are ruined. 

I had been waiting to write this update as I knew I would be picking up the boxes and wanted to give you all the good news. Now I have to make some lemonade for you folks out of these lemons. 

I have more than enough Red Mahogany boxes and they are already screen printed. The plan is to give all of you who ordered these other colored boxes the Red Mahogany with forest green leather. As an apology for you losing your color selection, those affected will receive a Basic Healing Kit for free. If this change is unacceptable for you, message me and I'll get you a refund. 

The good news 😇

Dice tower pieces
Dice tower pieces

 So many dice tower pieces have been cut. I've been working on these every chance I get and it's taken more time than I estimated, but I'm almost at 400 towers cut out. I'll be needing a few more for all the orders, but this is huge progress on a very time-consuming laser task.

Task List

Task list updated

Progress Report - 15 Oct 2018
about 2 months ago – Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 09:49:12 PM

Tokens all cut and painted!

I spent all weekend running the laser on the tokens. It takes more time to pick up the tokens than it takes to laser and paint them. I finally just started putting them in boxes instead of trying to create individual packs. I'm hoping to get friends to help with grouping them into packs.

Last of the tokens cut out
Last of the tokens cut out

Started work on cutting dice towers

I estimate it will take about 20 hours of work to cut out all the Red Mahogany dice towers for the kits, so I'll be doing that most nights and any opportunity I can throughout this week. 

First of the towers cut out on top of all the coins
First of the towers cut out on top of all the coins

Leather dropped off with the third party

I dropped it off early this week and they said it would take between 2-3 weeks to cut all the leather I had. Once I get them back I'll be immediately taking it to the screen printer to get the artwork done ASAP. 

Colonial Maple and Sedona Red Boxes dropped off for screen printing

I dropped them off early last week and I should get these back this week.

Task List Updated

Dice Bottles Task List

Progress report
2 months ago – Mon, Oct 08, 2018 at 05:25:11 PM

100 Boxes protected

I did about 80 with a spray on cans of polyurethane and then did a scratch test and wasn't happy with it. I have since done 100 with triple coat brush on and the art protection is much better from scratches. 

50 boards stained and clear coated

50 boards drying (to be turned into dice towers)
50 boards drying (to be turned into dice towers)

 All non-mahogany color boxes are ready for screen printing

Sedona Red boxes all finished!
Sedona Red boxes all finished!

Supplies ordered and received

Got the acrylic and the additional small boxes in. 

Also, the Task List has been updated